Pro AV For Classroom Presentations

The projector is your basic building block of a classroom presentation system. For the visual real estate, you still get the most bang for the buck from a digital data projector. Every classroom needs a projector.

Casio Projector  
Touchscreen1   Step up the user experience and visual appeal with a touch screen flat panel display. Beautiful imagery and high resolution. Touchscreen2

speakers   Classroom speakers are a great addition, wall mounted or inserted into your ceiling. Ceiling Speakers

Elmo   Document Cameras. We are Oklahoma's only Education dealer for Elmo. Doc Cam

Wall Plate   Wiring is a bigger deal than you might think. Wire has the ability to crater the entire system. We choose only top quality wiring and finish it with the professional's finishing touch! Wire



Each of our systems is custom designed to meet the specific needs of each classroom. The program material matters. Class size matters, so does the size and shape of the room.

We have many options available that allow us to tailor the best system for the most demanding situation and budget..