Pro AV For Restaurants & Sportsbars

Kevin Durant's Southern Cuisine in Bricktown, OKC

KD's Dining
  Wow. One of the most amazing projects on which we have had the pleasure of working. Fully licensed, CD quality music stream suitable for background or foreground. A completely hidden club-quality sound system in the bar. A rocking DJ bar in the private lounge. Two private dining rooms with presentation systems. A performance stage. Patio TV's, walk-up music. Oh! And the food will knock you out too!
Garage   The Garage Burgers & Beer  
How many different ways can you do "burgers and beer"? Stop counting because this menu is the best of all time. Menu choices galore at an affordable price. It's also a great place to watch the game on any one of their huge TV's. The sound system is background by day but shakes and rocks by night. Try any of the locations all over central Oklahoma, Stillwater, and Fayetteville, AR. Garage
Toby's   Toby's American Grill  
What a great place with a delicious menu and comfortable surroundings. Large TV's in view no matter where you sit with a sound system that makes you happy. Request your game on the TV near you. Bonus: Everything is priced right so you can to hang out for hours. Toby's
Hollies   Hollie's Flatiron Steakhouse  
Conveniently located right off I-35 in front of the Warren Theater in Moore, Hollie's raises the bar for dining expectations. A uniquely understated southwest decor with a mouthwatering menu served up with premium ingredients. Dare to try a cup of the Pork Chili Verde. No need to check your smart phone for score ball game, there are TV's to catch your eye in a very tasteful layout.  
Louies   Louie's  
Great food at a great price in a relaxed atmosphere. Every location has something unique to offer, but the Louie's on the Lake location in OKC is special. An array of TV's over the bar, uniquely position so not to mask the natural beauty of the western sunset over Lake Hefner. The solution was challenging but pro-grade mounting solutions helped to save the day.  
Johnny Carinos   Johnny Carino's  
Well known national chain. The local franchise needed to make the upconversion from standard definition video to HD video. This is a simple upgrade at home, but there are more considerations in a commercial installation. The solution was cost effective and saves the restaurant money every month on their satellite bill.  
Cultivar   Cultivar Mexican Kitchen  
A totally new concept in delicious from south of the border. "From farm to fire," some ingredients are so fresh, they are grown on site. Our part was to add the electronic atmosphere in sound and video. The location is in the historic "Automobile Alley" in midtown, OKC so the mounts and cable system needed to remain loyal to the historic nature of the property, yet clean and new like you would expect in a new electronics sytem.  

Each concept has unique needs requiring unique ideas and innovative thinking for each of our custom designs. Even when our clients are "building another location just like the last one," technology advancements often creates functionality opportunity, operational efficiency, and cost savings for the end users.