More BenQ For Your Buck!

More BenQ for you buck!

BenQ is currently having a huge sale across the board for educators, with huge discounts on projectors, many flat panels, and their wireless presentation system. Prices have been reduced by almost 60% for many of these products. Now is the time if you’re thinking about upgrading your school. Check out some of these great offerings Read more »

Keep the Lights On! New EU Requirements Impacting Lighting

The EU has proposed the new Eco-Design Working Plan 2016-2019, requiring stage lighting to adhere to the same energy efficiency requirements as residential and office lighting systems. This change in energy usage can be catastrophic for the stage industry, as many theatres’ lighting systems are very demanding and complex, and require a lot of energy Read more »

High-End Drones on the Rise

Drones have been steadily increasing in popularity and technological sophistication over the last few years. Drones from next to nothing to thousands of dollars make up an incredibly varied market for a wide range of consumers. This varied market has given high-end drone manufacturers the ability to greatly increase the quality and technology of their Read more »

SMART Tutorial #5: Locked Objects

SMART Tutorials

Interaction is a great way to engage our students with classroom activities. However, every time a student is on the board interacting with objects, there is a strong chance that he/she might accidentally move, rotate, or even delete an object. To prevent such mistakes, we have the option to lock objects in SMART Notebook software. Read more »