More BenQ For Your Buck!

More BenQ for you buck!

BenQ is currently having a huge sale across the board for educators, with huge discounts on projectors, many flat panels, and their wireless presentation system. Prices have been reduced by almost 60% for many of these products. Now is the time if you’re thinking about upgrading your school. Check out some of these great offerings from BenQ and give us a call on how to make this technology work with your classroom!


Projectors are currently discounted to ensure your class “gets the picture.”  Some of BenQ’s top models on sale right now are laser projectors with about 20,000 hours of operating life- that’s 8 hours a day 5 days a week 50 weeks a year for ten years- before replacement are needed. These projectors have energy efficient power usage, keeping energy costs low. BenQ’s laser projectors would make a great addition to any classroom and are great upgrades from traditional lamp-based models.


The system that goes hand-in-hand with these projectors is the InstaShow™. This system’s no-software setup and maintenance makes it incredibly easy-to-use. After plugging the hardware into a computer, one can present within seconds- saving valuable meeting or presentation time. Pairing the transmitter to the receiver host takes less than a minute. The BenQ’s exclusive InstaVideo function can switch instantaneously transition from presentation mode to video mode, allowing for unlimited potential for presentation and communication. Since this system has no software, it can run on any device with a standard HDMI input. This system is a must-have for any classroom presentation.

Interactive Flat Panels

We can’t quit talking about Interactive Flat Panels! Students nowadays are more receptive to receiving information via technology. Over 75 percent of educators think that technology has a positive impact in the education process- and we couldn’t agree more! These flat panels are making their way into boardrooms, classrooms and shared spaces all over.


In essence, BenQ has one of its biggest sales for educators going on right now. If your school has thought about making the leap to interactive flat panels or laser projectors- now is the time! Take this great opportunity to upgrade your classroom. Contact us here at Pro Presenters and we’ll be sure to get you more BenQ for your buck!