High-End Drones on the Rise

Drones have been steadily increasing in popularity and technological sophistication over the last few years. Drones from next to nothing to thousands of dollars make up an incredibly varied market for a wide range of consumers.

This varied market has given high-end drone manufacturers the ability to greatly increase the quality and technology of their drones. High-end drone sales, for drones from $500+, made up 70% of last year’s drone sales, opposed to less than 50% in 2016. Many high-end drones are now able to capture 4k video at 60fps and remain extremely still while doing so. DJI has been a household name of drone manufacturers for the last several years, spearheading the technological advancement in the drone industry.

DJI has mainly been able to remain unique because of their wide range of high-end drones, leaving the entry-level game to the countless other companies that make up that market. Their drones have a multitude of uses, from assistance for health and safety services to filmmaking. They also have many options for cameras to attach to the drones, some of them cost more than the drone they are mounted on. This kind of camera and drone technology from DJI is unparalleled in the drone industry.

While DJI mainly consists of high-end drones with ridiculously high-tech cameras, they are also making their way into the upper-end of entry level drones. They recently released the Spark, a small, portable drone controllable by smartphone or by hand gestures. The base model comes in at $499. While the Spark does not have all of the bells and whistles that a Matrice 600 Pro has, it still has many of DJI’s high-end features and quality, for a smaller price.

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Brody Corbett is a professional assistant / UAS specialist for Pro Presenters. He is currently studying International Business, Spanish, and Italian at the University of Oklahoma. He also teaches elementary school Spanish in Norman when school is in session.