Top 5 Ways to Enhance the Church Experience

Top 5 Ways to Enhance the Church Experience

The right AV equipment inside houses of worship can inspire participation, engage people, and attract new members. The churchgoing experience has transformed over the years- so your technology shouldn’t stay stagnant. Proper visuals when spreading the word can really help get a message across. Whether your church caters to a large crowd or small group, we’ve compiled our top five ways to enhance the worship experience.

Displays through Projectors or Flat Panels

  • A bold worship experience can be built around the use of laser projectors or flat panels to get the message across. Finding the right solution to display graphics or legible text for your audience can be tricky- that’s why our sales representatives are happy to visit and consult for free. The right technology can provide crystal-clear lyrics or scriptures to really make your message powerful.

A Suitable Screen

  • Placement of a projector screen or panel can make a large statement. Projector screen placement can direct the audience to an appropriate place to focus their attention during sermons and songs. Using the right screen surface can help diffuse incoming light sources and enhance the picture. For a limited time, Pro Presenters is doing an inventory overhaul to help houses of worship. Give us a call to learn about how you can get a FREE projector screen for your sanctuary.

Awe-Inspiring Church Lighting

  • Make your message more compelling with vivid detail! The use of theatrical lighting can encourage the congregation to participate in service. Create a captivating experience for attendees to feel fully immersed in the Word. This can be achieved through blocking out incoming lighting, stage lighting, and video panels with bold graphics.

Booming Sound

  • Make sure every seat in the house can be all-ears with the right sound system. With new microphone regulations beginning to take place, now is a great time to ensure your sound system is compliant and fully-functioning. Get your message across crystal-clear for the whole congregation to hear with proper speakers and equipment.

Picture-Perfect Placement

  • One of the ways our sales representatives support houses of worship is by providing our top-notch consulting. If you want to improve your service experience or get recommendations on how to amp-up your AV system, we are always happy to help!


A house of worship with complementing audio-visual upgrades can bring clarity to any message. Investments made in digital technology are commitments to the future of your church. Amp up your worship experience, or just make sure the right products are in place, with Pro Presenters.