Keep the Lights On! New EU Requirements Impacting Lighting

The EU has proposed the new Eco-Design Working Plan 2016-2019, requiring stage lighting to adhere to the same energy efficiency requirements as residential and office lighting systems. This change in energy usage can be catastrophic for the stage industry, as many theatres’ lighting systems are very demanding and complex, and require a lot of energy to run.

The energy plan is to go into effect the beginning of 2020, and many members of the stage industry are resisting the plan, requesting that they be exempt from the regulations. The stage industry argues that the change of energy regulations will shake the foundations of the industry. They believe that their shows would be massively “compromised” if they are not able to use the lighting system to its full potential. Not only are they concerned for the quality of their shows, they are worried about the cost of building new lighting systems in venues, an incredibly expensive project. They believe that such a loss to lighting quality would also ruin the quality of their performances, making the theatre less equipped to be able to give a powerful performance.

Members of the stage industry also argue that their lighting systems are rarely used at full capacity, and that the lighting system makes up a very small portion of a theatre’s power consumption. Also, many LED manufacturers are uncertain if they will be able to produce new lights that meet the standards in time. This could possibly stymie theatrical productions, forcing them to wait until new lights are available to be able to facilitate a performance. Many British members of the stage industry also argue that the U.K. leads the world in theatre and lighting design, so not only would British theatre face a massive financial loss with a new lighting system, they would lose their prestige as the world’s leader in both theatre and lighting design.

In essence, these new lighting regulations may be a massive setback for the European stage industry, not only costing a large sum of money, but reducing the overall quality of their productions. Luckily, we here at Pro Presenters are skilled in building lighting systems adhering to regulations and energy efficiency, so come to us for a quote if you’re looking for a top-notch lighting system to illuminate your life!


Brody Corbett is a professional assistant / UAS specialist for Pro Presenters. He is currently studying International Business, Spanish, and Italian at the University of Oklahoma. He also teaches elementary school Spanish in Norman when school is in session.