Five Ways to Make Your Meetings More Useful

5 ways to make meetings more useful

Meetings (and Money!) are the Motive

Productivity can sometimes seem next to impossible at work: whether you’re jumping back into working after a busy weekend or just in a post-lunch rut, sometimes the gears slowdown from fully functioning! Author Mike Michalowicz admitted in his latest blog, “a lot of wasted office time takes place in meeting rooms.” Aren’t meetings the place where we’re supposed to be the most productive?

Here are Pro Presenters; professionalism, productivity, and presentation (obviously- it’s in our name!) are top priorities. Check out some of our favorite ways to turn your meeting space into a place where work gets done.


  1. Utilize Presentation Tools

We’ve all been there – sitting awkwardly in a meeting while the presenter stumbles around attempts to make the equipment work. Meetings can see minutes wasted when equipment isn’t cooperating. A stubborn projector, fidgety mouse, or janky screen can delay productivity and slow the team down.

One of our favorite tools to keep things moving in meetings is ClickShare. ClickShare is easy to connect with minimal integration and helps save time and makes sharing on all platforms a breeze. One click of a ClickShare and sharing your screen becomes simple- which makes a meeting more interactive for everyone.


  1. Switch It Up!

So maybe you’ve found the roundtable board room to be less efficient for your team- now what? Switch it up! Figure out how your team works: is collaboration key? Do they enjoy visuals and charts? If your team finds meetings are most productive with one person taking the lead, invest in a podium or lectern to give them full attention during the allotted meeting time. Divert the room to an interactive flat panel to focus on sales reports. However you decide your team is fully functional, we can come up with a plan to fully utilize your space!

  1. Comfort Is Key

If a meeting is taking place to knock out high-priority items during a lengthy period of time, make sure your team is comfortable where they’re at. Sitting in a squeaky uncomfortable chair can divert the attention away from important materials. A freezing cold boardroom can make it difficult to focus and get work accomplished. Make sure your team is comfortable in order to keep creative insight and open input flowing during the entire meeting.


  1. Huddle Together

Huddle spaces are the latest trend in work spaces, putting a more casual and collaborative spin on workplace interactions. Huddle spaces embrace an open concept plan, a type of setup 70% of offices in the US have embraced. Video conferencing, open communication, and modern workplace setup are all attainable by transforming a boring boardroom into a creative huddle space with the help of Nureva Span and furniture upgrades.


  1. “Is This Meeting Really Necessary?”

Take a look at your materials: is your presentation finished? Do you see benefits to taking time out of everyone’s schedules to meet and discuss projects? Are there benefits to meeting today? If your answer is “no” to any or all of these questions- you might consider cancelling, or rescheduling your meeting. Sometimes there’s no need to sit down and summarize what everyone is working on. Before you send out that “wrap up” calendar invite, think about whether the information can be conveyed via email. Taking time out of the team’s day can lead to slowed productivity and distractions- like Yoda Singing About Seagulls.


While still in an acceptable time frame to say “New Year, New Me,” now’s a great time to amp up productivity for the rest of the year. Make the most out of your meeting space by following our top tips, or get in touch with us for a custom quote today!