Top Five Ways to Gear Back up for Back To School

Top 5 ways to gear up for back to school
Blog contribution by Brody Corbett

It’s that special time of the year: back to school season! Parents love it, students dread it, and educators are all gearing up to get back into school-mode. Sometimes technology needs a kick in the pants to get back into grind-mode, check out our top five ways to stay on top of technology and make this semester unforgettable!

1. Service Call

Prepare for the new school year by scheduling a service call for your school district, all classrooms, or just your own technologies. Our techs will come out and check all classrooms and make suggestions for any repairs or replacements. They’ll be through and you’ll be ready for a tune-up in no time!

2. Interactive Flat Panel Upgrades

Interactive flat panels are a revolutionary technology in the education field. Functioning more as a tablet, having a multi-touch display and much higher quality image, interactive flat panels are state-of-the-art pieces of equipment. Apart from the technological advancements that give interactive flat panels the edge over interactive white boards, one no longer has to replace bulbs and projectors to keep them running. Technologically, visually, and economically, it’s obvious that interactive flat panels blow interactive white boards out of the water.

3. School Software Licenses

Keeping proper licensing is integral to any educational operation. Getting a license with us will assure that you keep up-to-date with the newest software. Apart from having the most current software, our licenses can allow you to work on multiple computers, so your work can come home with you to add those extra details into your presentations!

4. New Projector Bulbs

Projector bulbs now are able to produce breathtaking images, nothing like they were able to before. Keep your students engaged in the lesson by updating your bulb to make your presentation not only a learning experience, but a visual experience. Don’t be caught in the dark when a bulb burns out- give us a call today to stock up on fresh bulbs and backups.

5. Nureva

The Nureva Span system is a technological masterpiece. It turns any wall into a functioning digital work area, using a projector that displays an interactive image across the wall, alongside devices through the Span app. This technology will allow unprecedented collaboration and efficiency among students. Our team has worked to introduce schools to the Nureva Span system with hands-on walkthroughs! Upgrading to new technologies can save your teachers time and help students retain new knowledge easier. Let our sales reps come in and show you how easy it is to collaborate and create using new Nureva systems.


Tech upgrades don’t have to be stressful- we help stay on top of tech. With a fresh school year, pupils refreshed from a summer vacation, and teachers back in gear, your technology should be ready to keep up! Give us a call to implement these 5 new tune-ups and be prepared for the next school year!


Brody Corbett is a professional assistant/UAS specialist for Pro Presenters. He is currently studying International Business, Spanish, and Italian at the University of Oklahoma. He also teaches elementary school Spanish in Norman when school is in session.