Getting Over the Second Quarter Slump

Getting over the second quarter slump with Pro Presenters.

As we get into the second quarter of this year- that is, if your company runs on standard quarters; it seems like things might start settling down a bit. Thousands of Google search results populate showing decline in sales, profits, and business growth for huge companies during Q2- but there’s a great way to combat the Second-Quarter Slump.


Amp Up the Efforts

When you realize sales aren’t up to par or falling short of expectation, it might sting a bit. Take a broad look at your team tactics and look for room for improvement. Are board meetings turning into BORED meetings? Try getting active and collaborative with an Interactive Flat Panel. When’s the last time your reached out to your top-tier clients to follow up, or send a simple hello their way? The smallest details can go a long way: especially when you have open time to divert full attention to projects, clients, or those lower-priority tasks that are typically pushed aside.


Avoid Getting Cranky

Being in a work-slump can put people in pretty nasty moods. Passive aggressive actions- such as taking out a bad day on coworkers or employees- is well and alive, and is said to impact everything, “from department morale to organizational productivity.”[1] Workplace negativity can make slow times seem even worse- increasing turnover, office conflict, and lowered morale. The Balance author Susan Heathfield has great tips on minimizing workplace negativity that is perfect to look over when things get crazy. High stress moments aren’t fun for everyone- so don’t add negativity to the pot and let things boil over.


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

So the big sale you were working on didn’t go through; or if you’re in Oklahoma like us, maybe you just can’t get your hands on that new car you were yearning for.  You have to focus on the positives and always keep looking for opportunities to better your company and the clients you support. Fiscal quarters only last three months- so make the most out of the second quarter slump while you can for a better Q3! The best advice I can give is to constantly keep your eyes on the prize, looking for opportunities in every area.


If you feel like Pro Presenters offerings- interactive flat panels, effective sound systems, and other forms of the latest and greatest in tech trends- could be the lasting impact to get gears rolling through Q2, give us a call today. Our salesmen and team are always happy to deliver a complimentary consultation or offer suggestions.


 [1] Taken from Psychology Today