Industrial Drones on the Rise

In recent years the industrial use of drones has skyrocketed. Many drone manufacturers have risen to meet the increased demand for industrial use of drones, but one company stands alone, DJI, and their series of Matrice drones are some of the most user-friendly and advanced drones on the market. They have a multitude of uses, from law enforcement to agriculture and oil and gas industry, and their wide range of software and cameras can customize the drone to accommodate any kind of industrial usage for it. It’s clear that DJI is a major player in the new drone industry.

DJI Matrice Series

The Matrice series drones have been increasingly used in law enforcement and disaster relief situations. If the Matrice has a FLIR thermal camera attached it can capture images and create a 3D model of the images captured in crisp 4K resolution. The FLIR camera is extremely stable on the Matrice, due to its flexible gimbal. One would hardly know it was on a moving airborne machine. With an incredibly accurate GPS, temperature, humidity, and altitude sensors, the FLIR can give you incredibly accurate information about its environment. The Matrice series drones and FLIR cameras make an incredibly reliable and efficient tool for any task at hand.

Picture-Perfect Imaging

Apart from law enforcement and disaster relief, the Matrice series drones can be used for a plethora of commercial tasks. Agriculture makes up a large part of customers for Matrice drones, mainly to survey land or find lost livestock. Here at Pro Presenters we recently received an inquiry about drones from a petroleum company who wanted to use the drones to try to find potential drill sites. For such work that requires precise imaging, the Zenmuse series cameras are your best bet. Like the FLIR series, Zenmuse cameras stay incredibly stable on the moving Matrice due to its well-designed gimbal. These cameras can capture up to 6K resolution images and up to 4K video. Zenmuse series cameras will go along well with the Matrice drones to complete any commercial project with ease and grace; the drone will go wherever you need it to, and the Zenmuse camera will capture incredibly crisp and detailed image of whatever needs capturing.

Accessories To Get The Job Done

While Matrice drones work well as a stand-alone device, DJI offers many software and control devices that can augment their abilities and make them even more effective tools for the job. The Crystal Sky tablet makes control of the drone much easier. The tablets come in many sizes, depending on your preferences. This tablet’s interface allows for picture-perfect details to make the drone’s flight more precise and effective. To complement the Crystal Sky’s elevation of the drone’s functionality, we have many partnerships with several software developers that provide us with many software options to offer our customers. These partnerships allow us to have the resources to accommodate any drone to supplement the customer’s specific needs for the drone. From 3D mapping to interactive touring and pre-determined flight plans, we have many software solutions to increase your return on your investment.

Another great aspect of DJI and its drones is the ability to purchase individual replacement parts. Whenever we had a small accident with one of our Phantoms we were able to order the specific part that needed to be replaced, instead of having to purchase a whole new machine. But not only does DJI offer individual components of the drone itself, it also offers extra external accessories like extra carrying cases, batteries, and charging hubs. For
DJI, there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” package for drone customers, only a large group of components to be put together for the consumer’s needs and preferences.

In essence, you can’t go wrong with DJI’s Matrice series complemented by a FLIR or Zemuse camera. The easy-to-use control interface and advanced flight options make for an incredibly effective supplement to any industrial usage. The wide range of accessories and software options make customization easy for the user’s needs. DJI is clearly the top manufacturer in the drone industry, and their products reflect that.

Brody Corbett is a professional assistant / UAS specialist for Pro Presenters. He is currently studying International Business, Spanish, and Italian at the University of Oklahoma. He also teaches elementary school Spanish in Norman when school is in session.