Keeping Schools Safe: Security Cameras

Keeping Schools Safe

In today’s society, we aim at keeping kids safe no matter what. The nation has seen a large increase in school shootings, and school administrators are working to increase security measures to prevent further violence. These new security measures range from armed security guards to metal detectors and security apps. There are more than plenty options for school faculties attempting to make their schools secure.

Increase in Threats

Besides student squabbles at lunchtime, most schools had never seen major violent occurrences until the Columbine shooting in 1999. They were generally considered one of the safer public institutions in a city. School shootings saw a particular increase after the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012. The most recent shooting in Parkland, earlier this year, has been an impetus for serious upgrades in school security.

In the most recent survey, 86% of public schools nationwide reported that one or more serious violent incidents, thefts, or other crimes had occurred at their school, for a total of roughly 2.2 million crimes. There are also over 100,000 separate reported cases of vandalism throughout the US. With the rising threats of violence and vandalism- schools and parents are seeking out prevention. With all of these outlying threats, it’s hard to imagine kids being safe, even at school.

Seeking Solutions

Schools across the nation have increased spending on security, some bringing in experts to make recommendations for various security measures. A large obstacle for schools is that there is no standard security system for schools, because every single school has a different layout with different security needs. This variety of security systems has created an increase in many different security firms that offer various security solutions. From bulletproof sheets inserted into backpacks to full ballistic shelters, schools are making full use of the range of security sectors to become more secure.

There is an assortment of ways school districts have turned to in keeping kids safe- from preventative drills, to hiring on safety staff such as police or armed guards. Metal detectors, hi-tech ID badges, and security cameras are preventative measures also put into action around the nation to help prevent violent intruders.

Safety In Action

In Oklahoma, Norman High School locked all entrances to the school apart from the main entrance at the front of the building. The only way to open the other entrances is by code. Norman North High School has been doing simulated intruder scenarios to prepare for the real thing. With most parents willing to shell out for added security and safety, school districts are seeing security as a true investment in the future.

Schools such as Stillwater Public Schools are turning to security cameras to keep kids safe. It’s obvious that schools are taking action against violence, and security firms are ready to accommodate them. Is your school district ready to explore options to keep students safe? Give us a call today to learn about a customized security system, or implementing technologies to keep the focus on learning.