OkMEA 2018 – Music and Education

All major Music Institutions and Music Retailers were present at the Oklahoma Music Educators Association (OkMEA) Expo to assist high school students with their music education decisions. The event took place in Tulsa, OK between January 17-20, 2018, and focused mainly in Choral, Band, Orchestral, and Jazz music.

What is OkMEA?

During the OkMEA, students had the chance to discuss with faculty and staff of Oklahoma based universities, colleges, and the military regarding the respective institution’s degree programs, application process, professional career prospects, and topics of financial nature such as scholarship opportunities, tuition, fees, and living expenses. Most importantly, for those students that had already narrowed down their research to only a few schools, the OkMEA was a great opportunity to get to know the personnel of the institution they wished to attend in person as a means of realizing where they fit the best. Considering the numerous school options around the area of Oklahoma, it is easy for one to get overwhelmed with the plethora of information and paper work required to apply for admission in a higher education institution.

Who is OkMEA For?

OkMEA also  provided a great opportunity for students to play and try musical instruments. All the big names in the music retail business were there to assist students with finding an instrument that best fits the student’s budget and level. The personnel were well-trained and, in most cases, consisted of professional musicians that hold graduate degrees and/or play in professional orchestras around the Oklahoma area. So, during the OkMEA, students not only gained access to a big selection of musical instruments, but they also got assistance from experienced professional musicians. All things considered, since your instrument is crucial for the development of your technique and musicality, maybe it would be a good idea to register for the OkMEA next year, so you can stop by the music retailers’ booths and ask for help with picking up an instrument that will accompany you through your college studies.

We were also very happy to see our friend, Julie Cohen, from the Oklahoma Arts Institute (Quartz Mountain) participating at the OkMEA event. She was there to promote their summer academy programs. The Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute (OSAI) provides an exceptional residential academy for motivated high school students that wish to receive instruction in acting, creative writing, ballet, modern dance, orchestral & choral music, drawing & painting, photography, and film & video. In other word, the OSAI provides a well-rounded education in many principles of sound and visual arts. For those interested in enrolling, you should know that the instructors at OSAI are all well-established artists in their respective field. The latter coupled with the fact that accepted students receive a full scholarship to attend, make this two-week summer academy highly-desired and competitive.

What Did Pro Presenters Show off This Year?

For the music educators at OkMEA, Pro Presenters were there to provide our insights on topics related to classroom technologies.  Our product line consisted of three main products aimed on enhancing the teaching experience without breaking the bank. Firstly, we brought many different options for acoustic treatment. Second, we included an interactive 4K display from BenQ with Germ-Resistance Technology. And lastly, we exhibited an inexpensive portable mixer by Soundcraft that can be controlled from your phone or tablet devices.


OkMEA is a great opportunity for students that wish to learn more about the educational options around the state of Oklahoma. Likewise, the OkMEA is also a good opportunity for schools to re-evaluate their recruiting strategies based on the feedback they receive. Moreover, with so many experienced retailers and professional musicians to guide you, choosing the “right” instrument is much easier rather than having to do all the research on your own. We had fun reconnecting with old friends, making new ones, and providing professional assistant with classroom related technologies. Looking forward to next year’s event!