Top 5 Ways to Amp Up Your Party with AV

Amp up your party with AV!

New Year’s Eve is almost here, the perfect time to prime up on your party-planning skills. NYE parties are all about the glitz and glam- and we have the tips and tricks to make your party shine! Who knew audio visual had so much to do with a party? Take these tips into consideration with your next party, event, or NYE gathering to keep guests entertained and celebrating all evening!

  1. Use AV to Enhance the Space

    There’s so much that can be done with AV to enhance a space. Lighting, speakers, projectors and more can all go into making an event magical. Just a dim of the lights or an amp directed towards the audience can pump up a party in seconds. Consider who your crowd is and aim to please- if it’s a larger group, try setting up a projector to play movie clips that guests can guess and quote! For smaller events, focus on perfecting the audio system so guests can dance the night away, but also have a place to converse and catch up.

  2. Plan a Party Playlist

    A playlist can make or break a party! Set up a playlist ahead of time with something every guest will like. Then you can shuffle the tunes and stay worry-free all night! Always consider your audience, the event space, and the occasion. Choose upbeat tunes to get people dancing, or create a “Best of 2017” playlist to end the year on a high note!

  3. Think Tech!

    Technology can make or break a party. Having the perfecting lighting and the right tunes through quality speakers can set the mood for the rest of the night. I’ve been to countless parties unsure of what to expect- and the thing that keeps me at the event is great tunes coming through a solid sound system. Create a custom Snapchat filter for guests to use, or go big and rent a photobooth to make it a night to remember! Investing in a great sound or lighting systems to blow your guests away is a great purchase for any hostess with the mostess. Request a custom quote and our guys can put together the ultimate party package today!

  4. Choose a Theme

    Choose a theme that everyone can enjoy! From “Going Gold” to “Hollywood Era” or even “Neon Nights,” a theme lets guests become immersed in the event. Guests can come dressed to match the theme, picking the playlist becomes easier, and décor will be a breeze! For example, choose a disco theme and having a disco ball spinning all night long!

  5. Find AV Picks to Perfect

    When all else fails, go for high quality AV products to set the tone. Make a statement without saying a thing with top of the line gear! An AKG wireless mic is perfect for the host or hostess that enjoys parading around the room, or the brand new Martin THRILL line is perfect for professional lighting at an affordable price. Looking for a great soundbar to make sound carry comfortably throughout the crowd? We have a solution!


With all things considered, sound and visuals can come together to perfect any party! Focus on all details- the food, the event space, the guests, the list goes on! – and let your AV system be the cherry on top. Happy planning and partying!!