AV Consulting

We work with you to discover your goals and establish a needs analysis. Then we apply engineering and design to the project to create documentation and specifications suitable for including in construction documents.

Client Care Proactive System Management

Your internet service is at least the 3rd most important utility in your home; some say it is the most important utility. With our Client Care program we will monitor your ISP services to make sure you’re actually getting the level for which you are paying telecommunications provider. We will also monitor all the other connected devices on your network.

On-Site Installation and Service of Equipment You Already Own

We have experience with hundreds of brands of equipment and thousands of different models. We will apply that knowledge to efficiently resolve the major issues, or just the little bugs that pop up intermittently.

Installation of the System We Provide

Our technicians are highly trained on the installation and operation of your equipment. They are certified in OSHA-10 and OSHA-30 safety requirements. Our crews are made up of professionals who have passed background checks, look the part, and will report on-time to execute a booked-plan. They are also are incentivized to beat the clock!

Training to Maximize Your Usage and Satisfaction of the New System

Our trainers have been in your shoes. But they also know your system inside and out. We may not know exactly how you intend to use your new system, but we will show you how to use your system, best practices, and even some ideas.

Amazon Approved!

After a thorough background and reference checking process, our services are also sold through Amazon Installation Services. Purchase direct from us to save money!