SMART Tutorial #2: Customizing the Toolbar

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SMART Tutorial #2: Customizing the Toolbar

By default, the SMART Notebook application starts up with a very clean and minimal interface with an easy to use toolbar. Everything is well thought out and organized to best assist the user with creating teaching materials as well as with navigating around the software easily. And while simplicity is key to keeping things tidy and organized, there are times I wish I wouldn’t have to go through all these menus to access the functions I use often.

For example, the screen capture tool is my preferred method when it comes down to importing online materials into SMART Notebook fast. The problem is that the screen capture tool button is not part of the toolbar by default.

Here is how we can customize the toolbar and add the screen capture tool button, or any other button, in the SMART Notebook’s toolbar.

Step 1

Right click (ctrl + click) in an empty area at the right side of the toolbar. This will bring up the Customize Toolbar pop-up window. Here, we can see a list of all the available tools.


A.      Click here… B.      To get this!



Step 2

Search within the Customize Toolbar window for the button you would like to add to the SMART Notebook toolbar. Notice that there is a total of three tabs at the left side of the Customize Toolbar window. Each tab contains a collection of different buttons. So, just make sure to look through all side tabs if you can’t find the icon of the button you are looking for. In my case, I had to scroll down to the Actions tab to find the screen capture icon.


Step 3

We are now ready to add, remove, or rearrange the buttons in the SMART Notebook toolbar. However, before moving forward here is something important to have in mind: we can modify the way the SMART Notebook toolbar looks like only when the Customize Toolbar pop-up window is active (on top, visible as the image above).

To add a button to the toolbar, press its icon in the Customize Toolbar pop-up window, and then drag it onto the left side of the toolbar. Notice the highlighted blue color. This is a visual assistant, which indicates where the added button will be placed. Also, you should know that you can only add a new button at the left side of the toolbar. SMART notebook won’t let you add a new button at the right side of the toolbar.

To remove a button from the toolbar, press its icon in the toolbar and drag it onto the Customize Toolbar pop-up window.

To rearrange existing buttons, press and drag an icon to a new position in the toolbar.

Don’t forget to press the Done button when you are happy with your new arrangement.


If you found this tutorial useful or you have ideas on how we can improve, please let us know.

We are always looking forward to discussing any topics related to classroom technology.