Introduction to SMART Technology


Getting SMART About Educational Materials

The way we present materials matters the most when it comes down to helping our students comprehend new concepts. Although there is no such thing as the “best” way to deliver a lecture, there is something to be said about how our students prefer to learn new materials and concepts. In an era where interactive audio-visual applications play an important part in our daily lives, one might consider incorporating said technologies into his/her teaching so to be in tune with modern life trends. That is where SMART Notebook could come into play and assist the teacher with an interactive type of lecturing.

Although SMART Notebook is not the only application specifically oriented for educational purposes, what makes it a good choice is the ability to accommodate for a variety of teaching styles while also preserving a user-friendly interface. The clear layout combined with the ease of use is a winner for me. That means that teachers can deliver an interactive lecture even when utilizing only the basic functions of the SMART Notebook software.

Another great feature is the fact that SMART Notebook software can be used independently from the hardware (SMART Boards).  You can work from home or the corner coffee shop while preparing for class. Further, this also means that you can run SMART Notebook software on your personal laptop and connect to any size computer monitor, projector screen, or TV. This feature is especially useful for those that are teaching in multiple locations or remotely. Of course, utilizing a SMART Board provides the full interactive experience. However, SMART Notebook software works great with any type of 3rd party display (interactive or not) like the BenQ Interactive Flat Panel for example.

I strongly recommend trying the SMART Notebook software to see whether it could assist with your way of teaching. Please find below the download link for a 45-day trial of the current version (17.1). Be aware that if you have a previous version of SMART Notebook already installed on your computer, it is recommended that you uninstall the older version before installing the current one.


Stay tuned to our blog for more tutorials and discussions regarding the use of SMART Technologies in classroom.


Ioannis Andriotis


Ioannis Andriotis is as a design engineer and trainer of instructional technology for Pro Presenters. He has taught elementary music classes as well as music theory & technology at the college level. He is currently pursuing a Doctor of Musical Arts in Music Composition with emphasis in Music Technology at the University of Oklahoma, USA.