Sound Masking Solutions for All Business Types

Sound Masking Solutions

As we type this, there are over 7.3 billion people on this planet with that number continuing to grow by the millisecond. With more people, there’s always less space. Businesses are moving away from traditional offices and transitioning into modern open offices and huddle-spaces.

While these new spaces have their benefits, they also raise the threat of increased chatter and distractions. Thanks to new technologies, there’s a simple solution to this noise issue: sound masking systems.

What are Sound Masking Systems?

One of the most innovative forms of technology in medical offices, retail, and businesses today is sound masking systems, also known as speech privacy systems. They’re making their way into doctors’ clinics, retail stores and business offices everywhere. The system also plays a key-factor in privacy, by masking out human speech and noises through emitting a low level, unobtrusive background sound.

Why Are They Useful in Businesses?

This can come in handy with secure data; making sure that your customers feel safe and confident that their privacy is valued. Medical offices have turned to sound masking systems to make sure patient confidentiality is kept private and compliant with HIPAA policies.

Employers also see results when installing sound masking systems. Studies have shown employee productivity can decrease as much as 40% due to office distractions and background noise. Retailers often implement our sound masking technologies in addition to scent emitters to reduce distracting ongoing chatter while also increasing the customer atmosphere.

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Whether privacy be your main concern for your customers or you’d like to see an improvement in employee production, we can help make sound masking systems your next investment! Give us a call today to learn more about this technology, or visit this link to set up a complimentary consultation.