Sparks Will Fly at AOPA

AOPA Fly In - September 8th & 9th

For over a decade, Max Westheimer has hosted their annual Aviation Festival, open to the public and aviation-enthusiasts. This year, the airport will boost enthusiasm for flight by bringing in the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association’s annual Fly-In. Both events will take place in Norman, Oklahoma, encouraging families and flight-enthusiasts to come together for two days of fun. Here are some of our top reasons to attend Norman’s AOPA Fly-In!

  1. Fun for the Whole Family

While the Max Westheimer Aviation Festival offers fingerprinting, visits from Boomer & Sooner mascots and Jr. Kids Club activities in the past, there will be a Kids Zone and a Day Camp for ages 6-11. Face painters, balloon artists, and aviation science demonstrations will be going on to educate kids about flying. If you want to fly solo on Friday, enroll the kiddos in day camp!

  1. Going Big at Home

Max Westheimer handles more than 50,000 take-offs and landings per year, with honorable classifications from both the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission and the FAA. With previous AOPA Fly-Ins in places like Tampa, Spokane, and Colorado Springs, it’s a true honor to be hosting the 2017 AOPA KOUN Fly-In. By combining with our annual aviation fest, it’s guaranteed to be an even bigger and better event for Norman!

  1. Drones Are Welcome!

Airports are typically considered no-fly zones for drones, so taking drone pilots into consideration is an innovative and fresh new approach to Max Westheimer! This is the first year AOPA welcomes in drone pilots to educate and unite manned and unmanned pilots. Sharing airspace is a bold new approach for AOPA and being included in all the fun is an exciting experience!

  1. Combined Festivities

Norman’s Aviation Festival brings in huge crowds annually. Now combining with the AOPA Fly-In, it’s sure to be a flying-good time! Aerial demonstrations, seminars, and workshops will be going on for two great days, majority of the events being FREE!

  1. Sparks Will Fly!

With this fresh collaboration between AOPA and Max Westheimer Airport, we will have the brand new DJI Spark to test-flight at AOPA! These mini-drones are super cool because they can be controlled by hand gestures. Along with other DJI drones, our Industrial Drone Pros booth will be sure to soar high. Stop by our booth to learn more about drone technologies.