Women In The Workplace: Thanks, Jan!

Women In the Workplace

National Women’s Equality Day

Women in the workplace are often underrepresented, overlooked, and under appreciated. Did you know that August 26th was National Women’s Equality Day? It’s an actual DAY that was established to commemorate the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote. As women, we’ve overcome tons of obstacles and barriers to shatter glass ceilings over the years. Pro Presenters as a company prides ourselves in gender equality- giving open opportunities and employing a great staff from diverse backgrounds. In honor of National Women’s Equality Day, we’ve decided to put the spotlight on our Project Manager, Jan.

About Jan

Jan G. has worked for Pro Presenters for SIX wonderful years. Over this time she has done it all- from office management to her current title as Project Manager. Jan has probably reached out to you or your company to schedule our technicians visits, or to coordinate an installation time. She is always the first one in the door with a big smile on her face- which makes the Pro Presenters office a better place to be!

Jan is responsible for many things- including scheduling jobs, communicating with technicians, and working with Operations to ensure our customers are taken care of. She’s a true joy to work with and acts as the coach that keeps our office and team of technicians out on the field working together to score a touchdown. When asked about her favorite part of the job, Jan said, “my favorite thing is working in the back office or operations area around all the day-to-day activity of getting the technicians ready for their day. Organizing 6-8 men every morning is an adventure in itself!” We appreciate Jan’s hard work here at Pro Presenters and encourage our customers to send over a special thanks as well!

Women In AV

Women in the audio-visual industry are few and far between- a gap acknowledged throughout the industry. Often underrepresented or overlooked, AV giants such as AVIXA have made moves to encourage ladies to join the discussion. The Avixa Women’s Council in Atlanta hosts events encouraging women in the industry to join together, network, and continue success within their careers. WAVE- or Women in AV Industry is another outlet encouraging women to excel in AV through collaboration, learning, networking and more. Resources like this help us learn more about like-minded individuals to keep our growth and passion in the industry flourishing.