Top Five Trends in the AV Industry

Audio Visual Industry Trends: 2018
Blog contribution by Brody Corbett

The AV industry is changing- that much is obvious. How is it changing? Which sectors are seeing the most advancement? We have 5 new trends here for you to keep yourself up to date with the ever-changing AV industry.

5. It’s a Digital World

The industry has been evolving from Analog to Digital for several years now. This change has been driven primarily by the increasing demand for higher resolution picture and the host of problems that arise from certain interferences that some analog systems produce. This change is most apparent in the education sector, for example: chalkboards and whiteboards are slowly being replaced by interactive flat panels.

4. Upgrades to 4K

4K/UHD video is taking the industry by storm. At nearly 4 times the resolution of full HD, 1080p, the ultra-clear, crisp picture is featured in a wide range of settings, from government institutions to higher education to personal television sets. Customers tend to migrate towards quality products, and it’s obvious that 4K is the mark of a quality product.

3. Lamp-Free Picture-Perfect Projectors

Lamp-less projectors, like LED or laser projectors, are overtaking lamp projectors. They don’t need a lamp to project an image, using instead a laser and other elements within the light engine to create an image. While initially a more expensive machine, lamp-less projectors last much longer, up to several times the average lifespan of a lamp projector; the economic benefits are clear in the long run.

2. Wireless is the Clear Winner

Wireless. Wireless. New wireless transmission is revolutionizing the AV industry. Without the physical constraint of a wire, potential for data communication has practically no limit. Wireless communication and data networks give the industry the ability to produce prolifically.

1. Video Walls = Top Trends

While not a new technology, video walls are a huge trend in the industry. The new advances in interactivity and video quality have made video walls an integral part of many offices’ work-spaces. Video walls now are able to make a true work-space out of a blank wall, revolutionizing collaboration and creative potential.


All in all, the AV industry is always changing. The constant change is a good thing. The industry has so much to offer now that there is something out there for any possible customer for a plethora of different functions. These new trends are only the beginning of the new capability of the AV industry. With a wide variety of options and top trending solutions, give us a call for a free consultation to find the best options for your business!

Brody Corbett is a professional assistant/UAS specialist for Pro Presenters. He is currently studying International Business, Spanish, and Italian at the University of Oklahoma. He also teaches elementary school Spanish in Norman when school is in session.